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Best of the Week on PrusaPrinters 001

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

I'm trying something new this week!

I check PrusaPrinters every day to see the new things people are designing, and I thought, "Hey, why not share that with other people?"

My aim with this is to give you a curated collection of the most interesting things on PrusaPrinters from this week, something to stretch the skills of beginners, and something fun anyone can print, just in time for the weekend!

If you have requests or suggestions, please let me know at underwoodmakes@gmail.com!

Weekend Print:

Designer: Ian

Print time on i3MK3S: About 6 hours

This print has a spike that holds a water bottle and a small nozzle you can adjust to control the amount of water dripping out. Seems like a "set it and forget it" solution to me! I hear orchids are pretty picky about being watered very slowly. This might be a good way to do it!

Skill Builder:

Designer: Pushketti

Print time on i3MK3S: About 6.5 hours

This floating table is held up by the tension in the strings between the top and bottom. You’ll need a few nuts and bolts, but what a cool conversation piece when you’re finished! Be intentional about which way the layers go to maximize the strength of the thin parts, and you’ll need a little bit of patience to get the tension in the strings right.

With this print, you get to learn a little bit about how to include standard hardware in your designs, and a little bit about the "grain" of printed parts. If your parts break under the tension of the table, try to figure out a better way to print them to make them stronger in the right direction.

Notable News:

Handheld 3D Bio-Printer Enables Muscle Reconstruction

Image and Source Credit: Fabbaloo

The University of Connecticut has created a 3D bio-printer to make a lattice structure that allows muscles to regrow after severe damage. Check out the full story at this link over on Fabbaloo.

The Best of the Week, February 28 through March 5:

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