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Best of the Week on PrusaPrinters 002

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

This week on PrusaPrinters Loubie3D posted several of her designs - the famous Adalinda and the Tudor Rose puzzle box. There's also a 10-shot rubber band gun and a space princess armor set. Enjoy!

I'm using Pinterest to try to make these best of the week collections more searchable and accessable. If you have requests or suggestions, please let me know at underwoodmakes@gmail.com!

The Weekend Print: LEGO Keychain

Designer: Samot

Print time on i3MK3S: About 15 minutes

Here's your quick win for the weekend! It's a LEGO keyring, and multiples will stack on each other. I think it would be pretty cool to make a LEGO key spot where you could stick your keys anywhere using the printed bricks! Send me pictures if you make it!

Skill Builder: Retractable Utility Knife

Designer: Hall Precision

Print time on i3MK3S: About 1 hour

This is a super-compact retractable utility knife that uses a plastic flex joint to lock the blade in place. Take your time with this print. If you're printer isn't tuned well, you may not be able to print some of the thin features without making some adjustments.

That's my point with this model. It only takes an hour to print, and you can try several times while you change settings in between to get a good, working print. Pay attention to the preview in your slicer, and good luck!

Notable News: STEMFIE 3D

If you haven't heard of STEMFIE, you seriously need to check these guys out! It's a 3D-printable building system. Think of playing with an Erector Set but never running out of pieces because you can print more! They have wheels, gears, beams, and more. Check out their website here!

The Best of the Week: March 6 through March 12

Using Pinterest helps me give you easy access to all the best designs from this week. Leave a comment and let me know if I missed any of the best stuff!

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