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BotW 004: Save Yourself and Your Family from Boredom!

Are you cooped up at home? And a little scared, maybe? Me too.

The Coronavirus has a lot of us at sitting at home with lots of time on our hands. However, instead of allowing the unexpected pressure to break us down, let's use it to bring us together. Below you'll find some fantastic ideas for things you can 3D print to break the boredom and give your family something to do together.

This week the format is little different because there's SO MUCH! There's lots of puzzles, games, and project ideas here. Check out the Pinterest board I made to see everything. Scroll to the bottom to find it!

Ha! Now That's Funny: TP Puzzle Box

Printable Files: At this Link

Designer: hermaML@hotmail.com

Print time on i3MK3S: About 32 hours

It's the emergency stash of TP! This is a puzzle box designed to keep your last roll of this precious stuff safe until time of direst need. Although, if I were you... I'd start working on getting the puzzle box open before you're in direst need. Just sayin'.

Must-Print: Twisted Towers Game

Printable Files: At this Link

Designer: Zambadu

Print time on i3MK3S: About 24 hours

Get four in a row across any combination of the four tower platforms to win. On your turn, you can place one of your tokens or rotate one or more platforms. You can win by rotating a platform if it moves your tokens into the right order! This game is simple enough for kids to understand and nuanced enough to challenge adults. Check out the full rules and get the printable files here!

Skill Builder: Glowing Flowers and Vase

Printable Files: At this Link

Designer: ReplicantFX

Print time on i3MK3S: Multiple days. Varies by number of flowers printed.

These digital flowers were created as a direct response to the coronavirus. The designer made a promise to always have fresh flowers on-hand, and during the quarantine, these are a beautiful substitute. You can get everything you need to make these delivered to you at home. Check out the full article and detailed instructions at the ReplicantFX website!

Puzzles and Toys!

Seriously. Go check out the Pinterest board I put together with this week's best designs. There are marble runs, puzzle boxes, geographic puzzles, and Rubik's cubes - lots to keep everyone entertained.

Remember, these designs are just the beginning! The spirit of making is respectfully building on one another's ideas to add knowledge and joy to the community. Let your imagination take you to new places and make your own new designs!

If you're printing any of what you've found here, I would love it if you would tag #underwoodmakes wherever you post it on social media! I'd really like to see what you're making!

Here's a little something I'm taking personal inspiration and comfort from as we all endure the coronavirus together: For [God] will conceal me in His shelter in the day of adversity. He will hide me under the cover of His tent. (Psalm 27:5) Enjoy the newfound time with your families, and stay safe!

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