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BotW 005: Fight Coronavirus with Making! (And Catapults!)

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

If you have a 3D printer, here's how you can be an active part of fighting the Coronavirus:

  1. Check out the Operation Shields Up page for the latest info.

  2. Start printing the files "bottom_reinforcement.stl" and "covid19_headband_rc3.stp" from Prusa's design page. The Operation Shields Up page currently says that they're in greater need of the bottom reinforcement chin pieces.

  3. Ship the pieces to Operation Shields Up!


Hackerlab Rocklin

4415 Granite Drive, Suite 200

Rocklin, CA 95677

Remember, even if you're not producing personal protection equipment (PPE) like face masks for medical personnel, you're still fighting Coronavirus by staying home and minimizing contact with other people. With that, let's move on to some things that will make staying home a little bit more fun!

Weekend Print: Missile Switch Cover!

Designer: W3D

Print Time: About 1 hour

Wouldn't it be cool to feel like the Death Star gunner every time you use the garbage disposal!? This little guy is a quick print, and it'll be fun to find a good switch to put it on somewhere in the house. Now you can say something dorky like "Torpedo tubes flooded, captain!" and see everyone near you roll their eyes when you turn on the lights.

Skill Builder: Coin-Powered Trebuchet!

Designer: MlePh

Print time: About 50 hours (I had to scale the parts to 98% to get some of them to fit on the bed)

It's your own little war machine! By the end of the weekend, you could be laying siege to the living room couch! Fun fact - the flinging power of the trebuchet is provided by gravity pulling on the counterweight (the coins you put in the big box on the short end of the long arm). The more weight you put in there, the farther your payload will fly! Here's a nerdy question for you - how much faster does the sling end of the arm travel than the counterweight end?

Best of the Week: March 27 through April 2

There are lots more puzzles, games, and fun stuff for at home from this week! Check out my Pinterest board from this week to see all of them!

Hang in there! We're all hunkered down together, even if we're apart! I'm finding that I have to fight boredom with creativity, learning, and unselfishness. What can we do together to help each other, even during this time at home? Tell me in the comments or at underwoodmakes@gmail.com if you have ideas!

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