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BotW 006: Build Toys with Amazon Boxes!

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

Ordering stuff online? Getting lots of deliveries? Turn your cardboard boxes into creative building toys with cardbored clips! When you're done building, bring your family and friends together, even remotely, for a game of Family Feud. And last, for a little coloring chill time, check out the Rotadraw. It's a twist on the old spirograph but with a new surprise.

Must Print: Cardbored Clips!

Designer: Veerdonk Design

Print Time: A few minutes to a few hours. How many pieces do you want?

These little fellas give you the power to build vehicles, creatures, landscapes, and fantasy lands with something that's already delivered to your house! You probably haven't given it a second thought. It's your Amazon, Costco, Thrive Market, NewEgg, Kiwico, and (insert awesome company that you already buy things from) boxes! Pull those boxes apart, add wheels, wings, and weapons with these clips, and you can have fun with your trash.

Boredom Buster: Family Feud!

Designer: Geoff Shorts

Print Time: About 35 hours

Here's a game you can play with anyone, anywhere. The designer has already included 60 topic sheets! Loser has to buy ice cream when you're hanging out later this summer! Survey says...

For the Kids: Rotadraw!

Designer: TanyaAkinora

Print Time: About an hour per stencil

What will the picture be!? Hold the stencil down, rotate through the numbers, and draw each line. Then lift it up and see what you made! It's kinda like a connect-the-dots puzzle, and even the little kiddos can make one. What would happen if you used a couple to make a bigger picture?

Pinterest Board - 42 More Designs!

This week there's lots of puzzles, board games, and toys. There's even a desktop mini-golf course!

The End of the Spool

Hey y'all, how's things there at your house? Feeling a little icky?

Us too. This Coronavirus quarantine thing is no fun. Can I tell you what's keeping me going? This is going to end. This is a season, and when we keep the end in mind, it's easier to love on people, even when it's hard.

Every day we stay home is an act of love toward those who are most vulnerable to the virus. Every person who doesn't get infected through us is one less burden on the hands of the doctors and nurses who are risking their own lives to take care of those in need. Keep at it! People you've never even met are counting on you, and you can help them by holding on at home.

Right now it's Easter season, and Christians (including me) are celebrating the death and resurrection of Jesus. It's a reminder of our belief that Jesus, as he died, carried all the punishment for the wrong things we've done with him into the grave. Then, when he rose from the dead, he could offer us a new life full of hope - hope that we could know God, walk through life with him, and be with him forever.

There is hope. The flowers are pushing up through the dirt, the birds are coming back to the trees, and the sun warms your face as you stand outside. The night is darkest just before the dawn. Yes, I just quoted Batman. And Christian Bale is waaay better than Ben Affleck. Just saying.

Keep your chin up.

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