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BotW 010: Print Something for Mother's Day (in 20 Minutes!)

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20-Minute Print: Mother and Child Pendant

Designer: MatterHackers

Print Time: 20 minutes

That's right! This beautiful pendant model prints in about 20 minutes! What a lovely, simple way to say "thank you" to a young mom in your life. My wife and I are expecting our first little one, and I think I might print this for her in some Filablend filament I got at the Midwest RepRap Festival last year. I love how simple and sweet this is!

Weekend Print: Camellia and Rose Lithophane Lamp

Designer: 3DWP

Print Time: About 42 Hours

This beautiful lamp has a spot for a cord and an LED light bulb inside. Print the piece out of a white or uncolored filament, and light it up for Mom! Don't try printing it with a clear filament. You'll lose the detail of the lithophane, and I think you'll be disappointed.

UnderwoodMakes Project: UNO Coronavirus Champion Trophies

This week I designed and printed some trophies for UNO tournaments my friends are doing over Zoom. I tried to make a virus shape on the top, and I looked online for reference pictures of the UNO cards to get the shape right. If you'd like a set, give me a shout at underwoodmakes@gmail.com! I'd be happy to make some for you!

I really hope seeing these inspires you. You have really good ideas for things to make for your friends and family - things just like this that will make people smile. Get on over to TinkerCAD and start playing with 3D design!

Best of the Week Pinterest Board

Check out this week's best designs on Prusa Printers! There's BD-1 from Star Wars - Jedi: Fallen Order, Pacha from Emperor's New Groove, and more!

The End of the Spool

Redemption - the term means "buying back," or "recovering at a cost." Right now there's a lot of redemption going on. Medical staff are saving lives, allowing people to live through the pandemic. Government officials and business leaders are doing their best to get society and workers back to normal.

There's a cost to all that we're doing to fight Coronavirus and restore things to what they were, and the way I see it, every time we have to pay a significant price - emotionally, relationally, financially, or socially - we need to keep our eyes open for our chance to take part in redemption. As our leaders struggle with how to handle the pandemic on a country-wide scale, how can we, right now, seize an opportunity for redemption?

Let's intentionally reach out within our families to the people in our own homes who need our love and support, and let's prepare our hearts for when the pandemic is over and we're happy just to be together again - black, white, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, atheist, left, right, center, whatever! The next time you have an opportunity to be with someone who disagrees with you, take the time to listen to them! What if the joy of coming together again after the pandemic is the springboard we need to rebuild trust across the silly lines we've drawn?

Proverbs 18:13

Spouting off before listening to the facts is both shameful and foolish.

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