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BotW 011: Darth Vader Hologram!

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Overnight Print: Darth Vader Hologram

Designer: Kagarov

Print Time: About 8 hours

These could be the coolest Star Wars coasters! They're sure to start conversations because when you see them at the right angle, Darth Vader's helmet appears! They don't take long to print, and this is a fun one to have around (even if you don't need a coaster).

Desk Swag: Printer Buddy!

Designer: @neil3dprints

Print Time: About 14 hours

This little guy reminds my wife of Olaf from Frozen. It's just a fun print and something you can leave on your desk to make people smile. It doesn't take long to print, and it will be fun to put together, even with the kiddos.

This Week in 3D Printing: Full-Size Adult LEGO Go-Kart

Matt Denton on Mantis Hacks created a LEGO go kart that he can sit on and ride! It holds his weight, and he plans to motorize it! I'm super curious to see the next video.

Best of the Week Pinterest Board

Here's the best designs from this week on PrusaPrinters. There's a wearable Darth Vader helmet, a couple of handheld minigolf holes, and a crazy topographical globe!

The End of the Spool

What drives creativity? Some people are obviously born with an innovative, inquisitive mind, but David Picciuto, who runs the Make Something channel on YouTube, firmly holds the perspective that creativity can be learned.

I think creativity comes from a level of permission we give ourselves to solve problems, and training can have a lot to do with that. There's a saying, "When you only know how to use a hammer, every problem looks like a nail." But what if you've been trained to use multiple tools? Then, if you're confident, you can pick which tool you think is best to solve the problem.

I would absolutely love to help make 3D printing and design a tool you can use. Drop me an e-mail at underwoodmakes@gmail.com and we can get you some lessons!

Ecclesiastes 9:10a

Whatever your hands find to do, do with all your strength...

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