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BotW 012: Go Fly a Kite!

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It's for the Birds

Designer: Shira | Print Time: About 21 hours

This fantasy birdhouse is ready to print just the way it is with no extra supports needed, and there are mounting holes in the back! This would be perfect on a tree or a fencepost.

Go Fly a Kite!

Designer:Sveinar| Print Time: About 1.5 hours

All you need to get a kite into the spring air is a quick 3D print, string, some 5/16" (8mm) dowel, and something to stretch over the frame. You could even use a plastic tablecloth from the dollar store! Check out the instructions from the author here.

Make Your Own Frisbee!

Designer: Crami | Print Time: About 2.5 hours

You can have a frisbee in the color you want before lunch, even one that glows in the dark! This would be a fun print to try out a filament with glitter in it.

Best of the Week!

This week we have a model of Gandalf's staff, a fly fishing reel, Bob Ross's painter's knife, a tea bag organizer, and more!

The End of the Spool

This week I've been thinking about incremental change. I really love the quote "Success isn't owned. It's leased, and rent is due every single day." It's both motivating and comforting to know that success isn't a moment. It's more of a trajectory. When you put consistent work toward your goals, you bring them closer an inch at a time.

Don't get discouraged when your dream isn't fulfilled this week, this month, or this year. Keep going! The process of trying is changing you and helping you to see your goal more clearly the closer you are to reaching it.

I Corinthians 16:14 - Let all that you do be done in love.

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