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BotW 013: All About Bikes!

With so many people out riding their bikes now, this week is all about things to print for your bike! There's a handlebar mount for a NERF gun, a wind-powered bubble machine, and bike spoke beads!

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Stop the Bad Guys!

Designer: SamirBaza | Print Time: About 4 hours

Don't let them get away! Now you can stop the bad guys, even if they drive away in their super fast cars! Just hop on your ultra cool (imaginary) motorcycle and bring them to justice with your NERF gun!

Spread Some Bubble Joy!

Designer: heinzdrei | Print Time: About 43 hours for each side, about 90 hours for both sides

Ride through your neighborhood with a trail of bubbles behind you! This design is completely wind-powered. All you need is the printed parts, a couple big rubber bands, and some bubble solution! It'll bring a smile to everyone who sees you (especially during COVID)!

Bling Your Bike Spokes!

Designer: jonmonaghan | Print Time: About 4 hours for 12 beads

I remember riding my bike as a kid and hearing "plink, plink, plink" as the beads on my bike spokes fell to the bottom of the wheel. These are a fun way to add flair to any bike!

Best of the Week!

This week we have the a buffalo skull, an earring stand, a bust of a grizzly bear, and the very hungry caterpillar by Eric Carle!

The End of the Spool

Real talk - I'm back to work this week, and I haven't gone very deep mentally here at home. We're getting ready for a big family baby shower for my wife, and I've been filling customer orders too! Lots of folks are looking for the fishing motor controller mount I make, and I've been updating the design on that as people give me feedback.

Keep growing, and keep learning! I really, really want this newsletter to be a source of encouragement and inspriration for you. Have fun!

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