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BotW 014: Sunglasses, Sprinklers and Super Soakers!

This week, I've got some fun summer projects coming your way, and all of them are kid-friendly!

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More Time Soaking (and Less Time Refilling)!

Printable Design: click here | Designer: dh_dave | Print Time: About 22 hours

More than double your soaking capacity! Get the blaster for $10 at Target, and then print this extra tank to outlast the other kids!

Get one printed for you ($25 + shipping)!

The Nerdiest Sprinkler Ever!

Printable Design: click here | Designer: bcheirif | Print Time: About 6 hours

This, my friends, is the "rocktopus." In the early days of 3D printing, this model was used to show that your printer could print smooth surfaces, fine details, and even thin vertical structures like the raised hand and "rock on" fingers of the octopus. Now that most printers can handle these details pretty easily, we can have some fun with the design! This guy will water your lawn, keep the kids happy, AND give you the chance to start a conversation with your neighbors about 3D printing. Sounds like a good time to me!

Get one printed for you ($10 + shipping)!

Print Your Own Oakleys!

Printable Design: click here | Designer: cyamate | Print Time: About 6 hours

Print your shades in whatever color or material you want! Personally, I think a pair of carbon fiber 3D printed sunglasses sounds pretty cool. Get a pair of replacement lenses for the Oakley Holbrook on Amazon and pop them in. Glue a couple nails in for the hinges, and you're all set!

Get one printed for you out of PLA ($12 + shipping)!

Best of the Week!

This week we have a lithophane of George Floyd, a boomerang, an anti-oloid, and a spirograph toy.

The End of the Spool

This week has been complex to say the least. With George Floyd's death and Blackout Tuesday on top of preparing for baby and doing home renovation, I feel like I haven't had the time to intellectually breathe. Please forgive me - my lack of comment on the issue of racism is largely due to the speed at which I process these things. I want to respond, not react, and I take longer than most to do that.

Destin Sandlin's YouTube series on manipulation of social media (Part 1 here) has gotten me thinking. Destin's call throughout the series is to reject the influence of those who want you to see the people who disagree with you as "the others." When we see people as part of "the other team" spiritually, socially, or societally it makes it easier to treat them as something less than human, something to which we are superior. That's wrong.

Philippians 2:3-4: Do nothing from selfish ambition or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves.

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