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BotW 015: Beach Swag!

This week, level up what you take to the beach! There's a wind-proof beach umbrella anchor, some sunshine earrings, and sandcastle molds for walls, turrets, and towers.

I'd really recommend checking the newest prints on PrusaPrinters from this week. They just finished up running a digital scultping competition, and there are so many good models that I couldn't include them all in the Pinterest board this week.

The newsletter subscribers are getting an extra design this week! It's a catapult for demolishing the sand castle after you build it. You should sign up!

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Stay in the Shade, Even with a Breeze!

Printable Design: click here | Designer: dh_dave | Print Time: About 22 hours

The designer says this umbrella has been tested in the sand and winds of Coney Island Beach in New York. It's lightweight, but it provides a spot to anchor your umbrella several inches down into the ground, safe from blowing away down the beach.

Get one printed for you ($40 + shipping)!

I Got Sunshine on a Cloudy Day...

Printable Design: click here | Designer: w84death | Print Time: Less than 1 hour per pair

This sunshine design has a hole pre-drilled into it so that you can easily make it into a necklace, pendant, bracelet, or even a lamp pull holder! It's a very quick print. All you need is some hardware or a string to tie it on.

Get one printed for you ($10 + shipping)!

Build your Kingdom!

Printable Design: click here | Designer: HasiGH | Print Time: About 45 hours for a good size

This set has turrets, walls, towers, and walkways to let you build your own interlocking sand castle city! Grab some sunscreen and don't build too close to the waves. (Or do. You know, whatever.)

Get one printed for you out of PLA ($40 + shipping)!

Best of the Week!

Like I mentioned, there are lots of digital sculptures new this week that are worth a look. I've picked out Donkey Kong, King K. Rool, Clark Kent, Cyclops, and Toothless for the Pinterest board, but there are so many more!

The End of the Spool

Some of my favorite memories from when I was dating my wife were at the beach. We walked for miles down the white sands in Hilton Head when her family invited me to join them on vacation, and I got to see Ocean City for the first time with my wife too.

There's something about the wind and the waves (and maybe even flying a kite) that's so calming and inviting, so powerful and strong. The next time we go to the beach it will be with baby! I can't believe it!

Mark 3:39 [Jesus] got up, rebuked the wind, and said to the sea, “Silence! Be still!” The wind ceased, and there was a great calm.

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