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BotW 016: Father's Day Gifts (that You've Never Given Him)!

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

This week, print something for Dad (of if you ARE the Dad, print it for yourself and let your kids give it to you)! There's a smartphone speaker amplifier, a father and daughter sculpture, Marvel superhero keychains, and Mjolnir (Thor's hammer)!

If you order any of these designs printed from me, I can't guarantee they'll be delivered in time for Father's Day (I'm so sorry!).

The newsletter subscribers are getting an extra design this week! It's designs for Marvel super hero and villain keychains. You should sign up!

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iPhone Amplifier (No Batteries Needed)

Printable Design: click here | Designer: Phillip Hillard | Print Time: About 6 hours

This amplifier just works for the iPhone, but if you do a quick search, you can find lots of different amplifier designs on Thingiverse and PrusaPrinters. This little guy focuses the sound coming from the speaker and gives you louder, better sound without batteries and without bluetooth! He can throw it in the car or in the toolbox!

Get one printed for you ($10 + shipping)!

Daddy Daughter Sculpture

Printable Design: click here | Designer: William Visel | Print Time: About 28 hours at 100% scale

This is such a sweet daddy daughter moment. The creator took a 3D scan of himself to create the sculpture. It's a little bit large to be a quick print, but you can scale it down as much as you'd like.

Get one printed for you. Full size is 6.5" tall ($35 + shipping)!

Show Dad that He's Your Hero!

Printable Design: click here | Designer: ??? | Print Time: About 30 minutes

These keychains will print in full color on any 3D printer! The designers created them to have the colors switch at different layers in the print. Just insert a pause for a filament change in your slicer at the appropriate layers.

Get one printed for you. ($5 each + shipping)!

Give Dad the Power of Thor!

Printable Design: click here | Designer: Jakub K | Print Time: About 145 hours (7 days)

Is your dad worthy? Wouldn't this be amazing for cosplay with your kids?!? This is a full-size model of Mjolnir, Thor's hammer, and I've seen people put electromagnets inside models like this to make trick versions that are really hard to pick up.

Get one printed for you. ($150 each + shipping)!

Best of the Week!

There are tons of pegboard tool holders this week! There's also a couple pretty cool Tardis lightswitch covers and a magnetic doorstopper too!

The End of the Spool

This will be my first Father's Day! Who knows if baby will be born yet or not. What are you doing to challenge yourself back into creativity and growth after the months of shelter in place? Whether or not your area still requires that you stay home, we all need to step toward including discipline and challenge in the new patterns of our lives instead of simply accepting the status quo.

Where do you want to grow? Who do you want to meet? Who do you want to serve? There's lots to do right now from positively contributing to your community's conversation on racism to helping people recover from months of isolation. You're needed! As a Christian, it's entirely my perspective that God has made you unique and given you special opportunities. There are people only you can help. Only you can bring your gifts and your perspective to your situation. Don't simply let the time pass through your hands in form of passive entertainment. Learn a new skill. Form a new frienship. Do things that cost you something!

Ecclesiastes 9:10(a) Whatever your hands find to do, do with all your strength...

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