• Zach

My First Design Customer!

I got my first design customer through a Craigslist ad! My ad is for tutoring in 3D printing and design, but Zach (yes, his name is the same as mine) found me and asked me to do some work for him. He works for himself creating things he can sell on Amazon, and he supports his family doing it. He came to me because he needed help creating detailed drawings he can take to a manufacturer to get his products produced. Thanks, Zach (if you're reading this)! I'm really enjoying working with you!

In other news, I've tried to get my 3D-printed Cricut blade organizer out where people can buy it. I approached the owner of a local scrapbooking store to ask if she'd like to stock it as something her customers can buy, but after she graciously talked to a few of her patrons, she said my enclosed, travel-style blade case isn't something her customers would use. From what she said, most people have their scrapbooking supplies set up where they can easily use them at home, but when they travel, they only take one blade with them in the machine. My case has a magnetic closure and holds 10 blades, but if it doesn't serve the right people, it won't sell. Bummer! At least it's exactly what my sister wanted for Christmas!

I'm still dreaming of doing design, tutoring, and 3D printing full-time, and I'm going to keep thinking about how to make that happen. My latest idea is to talk to some classic car restoration shops to see if they'd like some custom parts. We'll see!

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