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Twilight Imperium 4 Organizer!

It's done! It's finally done! Since February, I've been working on a box organizer for Twilight Imperium 4th Edition for my friend Andrew, and I just finished printing and fitting the last pieces today!

I'm super proud of this project because it's symbolic to me of my journey as a 3D designer and printer. I designed this organizer completely from scratch in Fusion360. All boxes, the latch mechanisms, the tile organizers - everything is my original design, and I created them all in CAD myself.

I did this for my buddy for material cost only because I wanted to learn how to do this kind of project excellently before I charge anyone for my work. Now, dozens of hours of designing and hundreds of hours of printing later, I'm much more confident in my skills, and I'm ready for the next challenge to stretch me even further!

Check out the pictures! The photo booth I'm using is made of materials I have around the house. I got my inspiration from this video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T6fnHEvLyAE) and made some tweaks of my own.

Also, I have to thank my amazing wife, Rebekah. She encourages and enables me to do things I never could have done without her. She's a daily source of strength, and today she helped me take pictures of all my work. Thanks, Bex! I love you!

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